Science Fiction – Double Feature

Ignoring the sly Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, today I played around in the Science Fiction paddling pool, and created these:


The comforting emptiness of space was invisible beyond the blast shield of the Ark V.

We were passing close to the corona of a white dwarf, recharging the solar cells between hyperspace jumps, though our final destination was unknown to the majority of the population aboard Ark V, one in a fleet of ships that contained the last survivors of Earth. We had abandoned our blue planet seven years ago, though it felt both longer and shorter than that. I was halfway through my two year shift out of stasis – a requirement of my passage.

I often spent my time off-duty tucked into this particular spot, trying to imagine my new home.

I never got far.

Above me, the whirring of engines changed as we launched into hyperspace again.

Soon, I wouldn’t need to imagine. Another year, and I would sleep again.

When I woke, we would be home.

^I feel I should offer the disclaimer that I know nothing about the science or engineering required to travel across space – this piece is basically a sum of my entirely geeky upbringing.


Above the moon,

Alien consciousness lurked unseen,

The Earth slept on,



Word Count: 162